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Nancheng Chemical Industry Park, Zaoyang City, Hubei Province (Intersection of Xihuan 4th Road and Xiangxiang Road)

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Corporate culture

About Sihai


  Meeting challenges together with Sihai

  Business Goal: To create a modern enterprise group with international competitiveness and sustainable development

  Enterprise Mission: Dedicate quality products for customers, create a stage for employees, return wealth for shareholders, and create prosperity for the society

  Enterprise Spirit: There is no end to unity and progress

  Enterprise Values: Meeting challenges together with Sihai, integrity, cooperation, dedication, innovation, quality

  Management Aim: Strive for survival on the basis of quality, strive for development on the basis of reputation

  Quality Principle: Based on the high-tech, pursue perfection, sustain improvement, meet requirements

  Development policy: Rely on technology to capture the market, collect talents to increase benefits

  Development principle: Strive for speed in stability and seek greater in strengthening

  Management philosophy: Rationalization, scientization, standardization, networking. Character is the highest, performance is the first.

  Good tradition: Work hard to start a business, and thrift to thrive business