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SH-916 Silicone Adhesive Series

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SH-916 Silicone Adhesive Series


Product Description

This product is a dispersible liquid of the polydimethylsiloxane and resin among the methylbenzene, which is highly viscous and has good adhesion. It is a kind of goods with low smoke, non-toxic, no residue, good stability, high temperature resistant, that can be used under 260temperature. It also has the characteristics of excellent weather resistance, moisture resistance and electrical insulation.


Design Application


It is used for the production of high temperature tapes such as PET and PI.

It is used for the production of electrical insulation, shading and sheet metal tape.

It is used alone as a variety of adhesive, fixed or supported adhesives.


Basic Technical Data


 Appearance: colorless or light yellow semi transparent liquid, no mechanical impurities

 Diluting agent: methylbenzene/ toluene

 Viscosity25mm2.S-1):no less than 20000cs

 Solid content 150℃,2h%):60±2

 Density (25): 0.98-1.01


Instruction For Usage

Due to different factors such as substrate, coating equipment, curing period and required characteristics, the addition of curing agent (peroxide can be used ,such as BPO or DPP, recommend with BPO) is 1-3% of the amount of glue. In order to ensure the best mixture of the curing agent and the adhesive, the curing agent needs to be completely dissolved in the solvent and then added to the glue solution and mixed well. At the same time, the dilution liquid should be filtered once with more than 180 mesh filter screen before coating on the machine, to prevent color paste or other impure particles.

The curing agent can be used to accelerate the curing speed or allow the curing at low temperature, and it also can improve the cohesion strength of the adhesive and improve the adhesion property of the adhesive. The mixed peroxide  dispersible  liquid should be used up within 1-2 days. That is because peroxide will lose its activity quickly in the solvents. The sufficient dispersion of adhesive and peroxide in the mixing process is the necessary condition to ensure the consistency of the finished product.

 SH - 916 adhesive can be directly coated with traditional tape coating equipment. The adhesive can be further diluted with the compatible solvent such as methylbenzene, dimetheylbenzene before coating. The advisable working liquid concentration is 35%. The concrete concentration is according to your respective equipment and experience. When using the solvents, please ensure that it is good ventilated and comply with safety precautions and regulations of solvent suppliers.

 In some applications, because of the lack of combination degree of the adhesive and backing material, it may be necessary to coat the prime coating before coating the adhesive. The primer coating must be cured before using, and the curing conditions depend on the equipment's performance, the type of base material and the formula used.

 Surface curing cycle: 60 ~ 90 * 1 min  Eliminate the solvent to ensure that there is no solvent in the glue when it enters the solidification zone; 140 ~ 170 * 2 min, through the thermal curing to further improve the adhesive force, cohesive strength and initial adhesion. But the exact conditions required for full vulcanization depend on the length, temperature and efficiency of the furnace, the type of curing agent and the type of substrate used. It must be tested on the device to determine the condition.

 If the equipment and substrate allow higher curing temperature, the curing time can be shortened. Compared to low temperature curing, the high curing temperature can increase the cohesive strength of the adhesive in a shorter time.


Packaging, Storage And Transportation

Be packed in clean, dry 200kg  iron  drums and sealed. In the storage and transportation it must be closed in a cool ventilated and dry environment, avoid rain and sun exposure and avoid contacting with acid, alkali or alkaline compounds and heavy metals. The storage period is 6 months. Exceeding the time it can be retested according to the rules again to check if it is qualified. Stored and transported as flammable goods. 


Safe And Environment Protection

Coating and using this product must be processed according to various national quality, health, safety and environmental protection standards and regulations. The product must be operated by professional operators (or obtain training and authorized person) at the production site according to the product specification, the application construction, MSDS(hazardous chemical materials safety technical specifications) and the guide on the certificate of approval on the packaging container. If you have not read the above information, especially MSDS, you cannot use this product. The following items can be found in the MSDS provided:

Hazardous properties

Fire extinguishing method, fire extinguishing agent and fire extinguishing attentions

  Operation attentions and safety protection, transportation matters

Waste packaging processing method: There may be some toxic remains in the empty containers. It must be processed according to the international standard, state standard, environment protection law and local regulations. All the remaining powder, liquid, viscous materials in the container must be removed from the container. Recycling of waste materials and containers must comply with environment regulations. 

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