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SH-9608 organic silicone resin emulsion

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SH-9608 organic silicone resin emulsion


  SH-9608 organic silicone resin emulsion

  一, Performance and use

  SH-9608 is a non-ionic, methyl phenyl silicone emulsion, widely used in heat resistant industrial coatings, typical properties include the followings:

  1. Excellent resistance to high temperature performance, varnish can resist high temperature 350 ℃, colored paint can resist high temperature 650 ~ 700 ℃.

  2. It has good compatibility with organic resins and can be used in combination with organic resins (such as acrylic acid resin, polyester resin, epoxy resin, etc.) to achieve both high decorative quality of organic resins and heat resistance of silicone resins

  3. It has excellent film forming property and air drying property. It can be used alone or in combination as heat resistant coating varnish.

  4. The goods can be diluted with limitless water and comply with environmental regulations.

  二, Main technical index


  三, Recommended applications

  1,Wide range of industrial heat resistant applications, such as boilers, heat pipes, electric heaters and burners.

  2, It is widely used in ovens and other heat-resistant cooking equipment.

  四,Packing and transportation

  1,Be packed in 50kg or 200kg plastic drums.

  2, Suggested optimizing storage conditions: under the temperature 5 ~ 36 ℃,sealed storage in cool and dry environment. The corresponding guarantee period generally is 12 months from the date of production.

  五,Construction reference:

  1, It is suggested to prepare water - based non - resin color paste and use it together with resin emulsion.

  2, When compounded with organic resins and used together, it is necessary to screen their compatibility, especially in varnish applications.

  3, Resin emulsion has good property of self-drying at room temperature. The resin can give the workpiece the property of initial protection and transportation property. But if you want to get more excellent heat resistance and physical and mechanical properties, suggested that be fully cured at 200-280 ℃ for 15 to 60 min, the optimizing curing condition is 250 ℃ for 30 min or 280 ℃ for 15 min.

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