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SH-9604 Organic silicone resin

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SH-9604 Organic silicone resin


  SH-9604 Organic silicone resin

  一、Main composition

  Methyl phenyl polysiloxane resin

  二、Technical index


  二、Main performance

  This product is a self-drying silicone resin at room temperature with high and low temperature resistance, water repellent moisture proof and good electrical insulation and other properties.

  It can be rapid drying at room temperature, high hardness, strong impact resistance, excellent heat resistance.

  The product has the advantages of energy saving and convenient construction due to its self-drying and low temperature baking at room temperature. It is suitable for coating large-scale equipment and workpieces that can not be baked, impregnation of H-grade coil and motor, protection of metal surface under high temperature and anti-oxidation and rust prevention, etc.

  四,Attention matters

  1、The resin should be used avoiding contact with acids, bases, organic salts and amines and other compounds.therwise it will accelerate the curing, gelatinization, thus affecting the performance of the product.

  2,The thinner must not contain water, sulphide and other impurities, otherwise it will affect the film adhesion, dry and other properties

  3,In the process of resin processing, a large number of organic solvents and other flammable and explosive gases will be volatiled out. We should pay attention to strengthen the ventilation of the operation site, pay attention to fire prevention, cut off the source of fire, operators should pay attention to labor protection.

  五, Packing and delivery

  1,Be packed in clean, dry 200kg steel drums and sealed. In the storage and transportation it must be closed in a cool ventilated and dry environment, avoiding rain and sun exposure and avoiding contacting with acid, alkali or alkaline compounds and heavy metals.

  2, The storage period is 6 months. Exceeding the time it can be retested according to the rules again to check if it is qualified.

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