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Solid organosilicon intermediate SH-1068

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Solid organosilicon intermediate SH-1068


  Solid organosilicon intermediate SH-1068

  一,Performance and use

  This product is a kind of methyl phenyl silicone intermediate containing silicon hydroxyl。It has good compatibility and high reactivity,can be mixed with acrylic acid, polyester, epoxy and participate in crosslinking curing reaction;Introducing organosilicone intermediates by means of compounding or polymerization modification can significantly improve the weatherability of organic resin,especially improve chalking resistance,anti-cracking performance,give outdoor industrial paint excellent light and color retention. Introducing organosilicone intermediates by means of compounding or polymerization modification can obviously improve the heat resistance of organic resin. For example, the introduction of 30% organic silicon intermediate can increase the continuous heat resistance of organic resin to 300-350℃.The organosilicone intermediate is sold in solid form and can be directly or compoundly applied to heat and weather resistant powder coatings .

  二. Main technical index


  三.Recommended applications

  1, It is widely used in the powder coating industry, participating in the cross-linking curing reaction of polyester, epoxy, acrylic acid, improving the heat resistance and weather resistance of the coating. And it has less impact on the coating recoating properties than other solid silicone resin;

  2, It is widely used in heat-resistant industrial coatings, usually it can be added directly by means of compounding. The effect of different adding ratios on temperature resistance is the most critical, and the generally recommended introduced amount should be ≥15%(calculated by effective solid content). If it can be introduced by means of polymerization grafting, that would further provide more balanced performance

  3,It can be widely used in Weather-resistant polysiloxane coatings, through the combination with organic silicone resin gives the coating weatherability and salt spray resistance.It meets the standards of HG/T 4755-2014 polysiloxane coatings

  四.Packaging and storage

  Generally be packed in 50kg, 25kg plastic inner lining paper drums,sealed stored in a 5~25℃cool and dry environment. The shelf life is generally 12 months from the date of production.

  五.Construction reference

  When this product is compounded used, it can be added directly or dissolved in solvent and then added to organic resin to prepare coating;when it is grafting modified used,the reaction process should be tested by glass test method to ensure grafting fully.When used as powder coating, it can be carried out according to the general powder coating operation process

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