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SH-025 Alkyd Modified Silicone Resin

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SH-025 Alkyd Modified Silicone Resin


  SH-025 Alkyd Modified Silicone Resin

  I、 Performance and Application

  This product is prepared by special process of hydrolysis of phenyl and methyl monomers and alkyd resin. It has the advantages of alkyd resin and silicone resin. It has excellent heat resistance and weather resistance, strong adhesion and can be cured at low temperature. It is characterized by high hardness, excellent wettability to pigment, excellent adhesion and good flexibility. It is especially suitable for mixing heat-resistant paint, weather resistant paint and H-grade silicone insulating paint.

  II、 Main technical indicators


  III、 Packaging, storage and transportation

  The product is packed in 200kg iron drum and stored in a cool and dry place for half a year (it can still be used if it is qualified after overdue analysis). It should be protected from direct sunlight and contact with acid and alkali. It should be stored and transported as dangerous goods.

  IV、 Construction reference

  1. It can be cured at room temperature with two components and used with isocyanate curing agents such as Bayer 3390 and N75. The dosage is 10-20% of the total resin;

  2. High temperature curing, heating to 180 ℃ for one hour, can also cooperate with amino resin to shorten the curing time;

  3. This product contains xylene and other flammable and explosive solvents. In the process of processing, attention should be paid to strengthen the site ventilation, pay attention to fire prevention, and strictly cut off the fire source. Operators should pay attention to labor protection.

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