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SH-MQ Organic silicone resin

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SH-MQ Organic silicone resin


  SH-MQ Organic silicone resin

  一、Performance and Characteristics

  The MQ silicone resin is a kind of very unique organic silicon polymer polysiloxane compound, which is a compact sphere with a double structure. It has excellent heat resistance, film forming, adhesion, water repellency, aging resistance and ultraviolet radiation. The introduction of vinyl and hydrogen-containing groups in molecular structure can be used to modify silicon hydrogenation.

  The MQ resin can be used for the thickening agent of silicone pressure sensitive adhesive, building sealant, organic resin coating, etc; it also can be used for cell phone keypad, epoxy adhesive bonding surface and so on.

  二 、Main technical index



  1、It can be used as tackifier for Silicone pressure sensitive adhesive

  2、It is used for the preparation of high-temperature resistant coatings,for the insulation and bonding ,sealing of H-class motors.

  3、It can be used as reinforcing additive in add-molded liquid silicone rubber.The reinforced silicone rubber is colorless and transparent with high mechanical strength.

  4、It can be used to produce all kinds of waterproof paint.It is the ideal material for daily chemical industry such as lipstick and so on.

  5、It can be used as release agent of various materials.

  6、It can be added into the defoamer as a basic material to improve the ability of defoaming and anti-foaming.

  四、Packing and storage

  Packing specification: 25kg carton or 200kg plastic drum packaging

  Storage period: sealed at room temperature, the shelf life for solution is half a year, for powder is one year. The storage time is longer than the best use period marked by the label does not mean that the product cannot continue to be used. But in this case, retesting is needed.

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