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Y230 Silicone Defoamer


  Y230 Silicone Defoamer

  I、Main Content

  Polyether modified polydimethylsiloxane、White carbon black、Dispersant、Thickener、Water.

  II、Technical Index

  Appearance :milk white or light yellow thick liquid

  Viscosity : 100~2000cs

  PH value : 6—9

  Effective components: 20%~40%

  III、Application scope and characteristics

  It is expansively used in Water-based ink, construction coating,industrial paint,water-based acrylic acid resin system and styrene-acrylic emulsion, etc.

  Characteristics :quick defoaming, easy to disperse, long time foam control. And without adverse side effect, the quality is stable in the storage period. This product can replace or partly replace TEGO foamex825/822/902

  IV、using method

  After Y-230 is experienced and tested, it can be used directly, and also can be diluted at some proportion ,and added into the product as foam control component after the foam generated.the dosage of the defoamer is 0.01%--0.1%,It is deferent according to the deferent using system.The best dosage is according to customer’s experiment.

  V、Packing and Storage

  ⑴This product packed in 25kg PE drum or 200kg plastic drum or specially made according to customer’s demands.

  ⑵The product should be sealed and storaged in ventilated dry place,prevent from raining and Sun Exposure don’t mix , transport and place together with high strength acid and toxic materials.

  ⑶ When all above conditions are met ,the product storage period is 6 months from the date of production. If there is lays occurred over storage time ,stir it evenly and check it ,it can be used if it is qualified .It will has no bad influence on the effect

  ⑷ It is transported as non-dangerous product.

  The items, suggestions and technology data stated above are sincere. In view of the conditions of the product used is out of our control, the customer has the sole responsibility for determining that the product meets your requirements, including both dosage and performance.

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