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 Polyether Defoamer


  Polyether Defoamer

  I、Chemical Composition

  Polyethylene oxide ethylene propylene oxide glycerin ether

  II、Technical Index


  III、Usage and characteristics

  The product is mainly designed for fermentation defoaming industry, with the characteristic of quick defoaming and long time foam depressing effect. It also can be easily dispersed in water,and has good compatibility with liquid , non-toxic, non-corrosive. It is mainly used in the fermentation procedure of citric acid、 oxytertracycline、 penicillin、 tetracycline、 aureomycin、lincomycin、 erythrocin、 neomycin、 aminoglutaric acid、 diaminocaproic acid、 abamectin,enzyme reparation、coenzyme-Q10、erythritol、yeast、 xanthan gum、 long-chain dicarboxylic acid. It also can be added to the manufacturing process of other chemicals.

  IV、Method for Application

  Disinfected with bass raw materials, it also can be disinfected partly by adding material in the later part of the fermentation process. In general, under normal conditions, the dosage of 0.3-1.0‰ will meet the requirement of fermentation defoaming cycle

  V、Packaging and Delivery

  1. This antifoam is available in 200Kg PE drum or internal-coated bucket. Alternate packaging is available upon request.

  2. Sealed in a cool, ventilated and dry place, avoiding exposure to the sun and rain. Strictly prohibit from mixing, storing or transporting with strong acid, alkali and toxic substances.

  3. Under the condition above, product storage period is 12 months from the date of manufacture. Exceeding the guarantee period, it can be used if it is qualified after analyzed.

  4. Transported as non-dangerous goods.

  The items, suggestions and technology data stated above are sincere. In view of the conditions of the product used is out of our control, the customer has the sole responsibility for determining that the product meets your requirements, including both dosage and performance.

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