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Compound Food Additive Powder Defoamer

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Compound Food Additive Powder Defoamer


  Compound Food Additive Powder Defoamer

  (Polydimethylsiloxane and Emulsion calcium carbonate)

  I、Main Composition

  Polydimethylsiloxanes and its emulsion ,calcium carbonate

  II、Technical Index


  III、Standards Performed

  GB26687-2011<National Food Safety Standards , compound Food additives general rule>

  IV、Application scope and characteristics

  Accordint to the principle of the foam generated in the process of soybean product .we finely make the high efficient defoamer using varieties of newest technologies and many kinds of food additives. The product has the characters of good anti foam ability, less quantity to be used ,and it also can increase the whiteness and Exquisite feeling of the soybean product.and increasing the product output and without aflatoxin and other toxic component meanwhile.to meet the requirements of physiological hygiene, it also can be used expansively in milk production, vinification,food processing,jelly sugar making etc.

  V、Using Method

  Under the condition of stirring,when the temperature reaches 60-90℃,to add the product at the proportion of 0.1—0.3% of the dry soybean amount .The best result will be achieved after the product and soybean milk foam flowing, mixed and dissolved together.

  VI、Packaging and Storage

  This product is available in 50Kg PE drum. Alternate packaging is available upon request.

  It should be Sealed in a cool, ventilated and dry place, avoiding being exposed to the sun and rain. Strictly prohibit from mixing storing or transporting with strong acid, alkali and toxic substances.

  It will be kept up to 12 months from the date of manufacture. Transported as non-dangerous goods.

  The items, suggestions and technology data stated above are truly and sincerely. In view of the conditions of the product used is out of our control, the customer has the sole responsibility for determining that the product meets your requirements, including both dosage and performance

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