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Methoxy Silicone Oil


  Methoxy Silicone Oil

  I、Characteristic and Usage

  It is structure control agent with methoxy in end, its molecular weight is several times of dimethyl dimethoxy silane. But its active group content is similar to hydroxyl silicone oil, with good safety performance ,good rubber stiffness, not prone to yellowing. It will not generate water molecule in the process of anti-structuring .

  II、Main Technical Index

  (1). Apperance : colorless transparent liquid

  (2). Viscosity (25℃,mm2/s):≤20

  (3). Active group content : equals to 8.0% of hydroxyl silicone oil

  III、Packing storage and delivery:

  The product should be packed in 50kg plastic drums or 200kg iron drums, stored in cool and ventilated air warehouse. kept far away from fire, heat source. The temperature in the warehouse should not be over 30℃. Keep separate from acid materials. The light and ventilation equipment in the storage room must use explosion proof type. Light offload to prevent from packing and container damage .Transported as noon-dangerous product.

  IV、Application Method :

  The best time to add the products is when freezing eating powder. It can be used alone , and also can be used with hydroxyl silicone oil together. The rubber material will not be allowed heat treatment, after the rubber material is tempered into good status, then higher up the temperature. Vacuumize at the temperature about 140℃. The lid of the drum shall not be opened in storage,to prevent from the reaction of the aqueous vapour in the air with methoxy group; avoid mixing with acid and alkali in transportation,prevent from direct sun shine, placed in cool and ventilated room.

  The above items, suggestions and technology data stated above are sincere. In view of the conditions of the product used is out of our control, the customer has the sole responsibility for determining that the product meets your requirements, including both dosage and performance.

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