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Long-chain Alkyl Modified Silicone Oil

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Long-chain Alkyl Modified Silicone Oil


  Long-chain Alkyl Modified Silicone Oil

  I. Product Description

  The product is new-type modified polysiloxane with excellent high and low temperature resistance, lubricating property, anti-sticking ,anti-aging property and other features.This product has the character of re-painting, it is called “dry silicone oil” popularly and also called “non-oil silicone oil ”

  II. Technical Index

  1. Appearance: Colorless or light yellow transparent and viscous liquid

  2. Viscosity(25℃, cs): 100~5000

  3. Flash Point(Open Cup): ≥215℃

  4, Refractive Rate(25℃): 1.426~1.430

  III. Usage

  1. Cosmetic: As lubricant for shampoo, and cream

  2. Release Agent: Suitable for plastic, rubber and metal products; especially for mold release of PU products, and can also be added with plastic and compound resin etc as inner releasing agent.

  3. As material for high grade lubricant, lubricating grease; it can be used as the lubrication between metal and plastic materials .

  4. As additive of high grade paint, ink and coating. small amount of the product added into paint, ink and coating,it can promote the brightness of the product and also has the function of defoaming.

  IV. Packaging, Storage & Delivery

  1. The product is non-toxic, non-corrosive. Pay attention to prevent from acid, alkali sun shine and raining during the transportation. The storage period is one year.

  2. Packed in PE plastic drum, 5kg~50kg.

  The above items, suggestions and technology data stated above are sincere. In view of the conditions of the product used is out of our control, the customer has the sole responsibility for determining that the product meets your requirements, including both dosage and performance.

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