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Long-chain alkyl phenyl modified silicone oil

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Long-chain alkyl phenyl modified silicone oil


  JP-308 Long-chain alkyl phenyl modified silicone oil

  I, main ingredient

  This product is a transparent, colorless to yellow, various viscosity polysiloxane, modified by long-chain alkyl and aryl groups.

  II,Technical Index


  III, performance

  Long-chain alkyl aryl modified silicone oil can give silicone oil new characteristics: one is lipophilicity, and the other is lubricity. This product has good lubricating properties, good compatibility with organic materials, high temperature resistance and hydrophobicity, and good post-coating performance. Good thermal stability allows the product to be used repeatedly at high temperatures without dispersing and leaving residues. Compared with long-chain alkyl silicone oil, it has better lubricity, abrasion resistance and higher temperature resistance.

  IV, Application

  1 This product is professionally used in the compound formula of die-casting release agent. The use effect is excellent, and does not hinder the subsequent printing, embossing and painting of the product surface.

  2 Used as a water repellent, can reduce the freezing point of crude oil and improve the impact strength of polypropylene.

  3 Used for the lubrication treatment of cortex and synthetic leather.

  4 Additives for plastics and rubber products have good compatibility with synthetic resins. As an additive for plastics, it can improve the boundary lubricity of products.

  5 Lubricant or as a lubricating additive. Used as the base oil of grease, alkyl modified silicone oil has excellent lubricity and can be used for lubrication between stainless steel and titanium steel which is difficult to lubricate. It is used as lubricating oil for aluminum machines without adding boundary lubricating additives.

  6 Paint additives, used for leveling, brightening, etc.

  V, How to Use

  (1)After this product is emulsified, it is used as a mold release agent.

  (2)When used as a paint additive and lubrication, it can be used directly, or it can be used after being diluted with an organic solvent. In the actual addition, please pay attention to appropriately adjust the addition amount.

  (3)When used as TPE additive, it can be mixed with white mineral oil. Addition amount 1%~2%


  190 kg drums, or customized by customers. Avoid contact with skin and mucous membranes. If you touch or eat by mistake, wash or seek medical attention as soon as possible.

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