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Titanium dioxide surface treatment agent

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Titanium dioxide surface treatment agent


  JP-208C Titanium dioxide surface treatment agent

  I, main ingredient

  This product is a low-viscosity polydimethylsiloxane, which is modified by alkyl function. Similar to WACKER® GM 161.

  II, technical indicators


  III, performance

  After the treatment of this product, the pigment is rendered water-repellent, making its surface low polarized, improving the dispersion of the pigment in powder coatings, oil-free resin inks and coatings, and also improving the application performance of other plastics industries. It can effectively improve the dispersion of titanium dioxide in oily media (including plastics, masterbatch, etc.), improve the dispersion effect, and improve the heat resistance of the material.


  Mainly used for surface treatment of titanium dioxide. Mainly have the following functions:

  1. Reduce the oil absorption of the product, increase the leveling of the coating and reduce the roughness of the coating; form a non-polar smooth silicone film on the surface of titanium dioxide;

  2. Improve the heat resistance of titanium dioxide, significantly reduce the photosensitivity of titanium dioxide, and improve the yellowing resistance of titanium dioxide;

  3. Improve the crushing efficiency of titanium dioxide, save energy and time; help the transformation of titanium dioxide particles into a spherical structure when crushed;

  4.Improve the dispersion performance and gloss of titanium dioxide; reduce the oil absorption, enhance the lubricity, and significantly improve the melt index; reduce the oil absorption, enhance the lubricity, significantly improve the melting and improve the fluidity of the dry powder, easy to add, reduce residue;

  5. It has a moisture-proof effect and prolongs the storage period of titanium dioxide.

  V,How to Use

  The recommended dosage of this product in titanium dioxide is 0.3%-0.6%, which can be diluted or emulsified with solvent. The adding position has the following points: (1) It is directly added when the screw feed is proportional to the air flow crushing process. (2) Spray in at the entrance of the gas crushing chamber. (3) Spray at the outlet of the gas crushing chamber. (4) It can also be sprayed and added simultaneously at the outlet of the jet mill and the population.

  General advice: Generally, the front end is 0.2-0.4% (calculated in crude oil), and the back end is added 0.1-0.2% (calculated in crude oil).

  VI, Package

  Packed in 190 kg drums, or customized.


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