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Course of development

About Sihai

  In 1995
  Hubei Xinsihai Chemica Industry Co., Ltd. was set up in 1995.It is located in the native place of Han dynasty Guangwu Emperor Liu Xiu--Zao Yang city,Hubei Province.
  In 2009, the Wuhan University-Sihai Special Surfactant Engineering Technology Research Center established by our company and Wuhan University was approved as provincial school-enterprise research center by Hubei Science and Technology Department.
  In 2010, the organosilicon product production base (12,000 tons per year) invested and constructed by our company in Huaxia Industrial Park in Zaoyang was put into operation, which marked our company has started an important step in standard management and laid a sound foundation in enlarging enterprise, raising economic benefit and realizing strategic management pattern of our company.
  In 2013
  On Jun. 28, 2013, Xinsihai company was listed at the stock equity trusteeship transaction center in Wuhan, thus becoming the first enterprise in Zaoyang city which has been succeeded in accessing the financial market. Successful listing allows our company to expand financial channel in the capital market, enhance financing ability, improve enterprise law entity governance structure , standardize corporate management, and promote the value of the brand name
  In 2016
  Xinsihai entered the high-end fine chemical park in Wuhan Chemical Industrial Area and invested in constructing the 10,000-ton special surfactant project and provincial engineering technology research center.