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Nancheng Chemical Industry Park, Zaoyang City, Hubei Province (Intersection of Xihuan 4th Road and Xiangxiang Road)

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  Hubei Xinsihai Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd.
  Recruit talents and technical staff with high salary
  Hubei Xinsihai Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd., founded in 1995 in Zaoyang, Hubei which is the native place of Liu Xiu, Emperor Guangwu, is a business entity that focuses on the research, production and sale of organic silicon resin, organosilicone pressure-sensitive adhesive, special surfactant (including defoamer, flatting agent, dispersing agent, emulgator, etc.), and silicone oil series. So far our products have come into wide use in such fields as industry, medicine, biological fermentation, aviation, spaceflight, high-speed train, electric products, and new energy.
  We have established Wuda (namely Wuhan University) Sihai Special Surfactant School-enterprise Research Center and our company is rated as council member of China Industrial Association of Fluorosilicone Organic Material, high-tech enterprise of the State, candidate listed company of Hubei Province, and demonstration enterprise on construction of intellectual property of Hubei Province.
  Presently our company is experiencing rapid growth and guiding period for listing. To expand business in a comprehensive way, we are now recruiting talents and technical personnel with high salary.
  1.If you are senior technical talents that engage in the research of the above products and have more than five years' research experience (or have independent research and innovation ability), you are welcome to contact us. We have an efficient management team for support of your research as well as a research platform as supported by Wuhan University, Central China Normal University, and other colleges and universities which will help give full play to your talents. Moreover, we have a professional production management team, production conversion capacity, direct selling team nationwide, and network sales team to help you make the best of your value of life.
  2.Technology can be transferred and talents can be recruited with high salary. We look forward to your joining us.
  3.Website: www.hbxshhg.com
  4.Contact person: Yang Fan  Tel.: 0710-6241188
  Mobile: 13972223936